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Bamboo is one of the strongest and most sustainable natural resources in the world

Did you know Bamboo is actually a tree like grass, fast growing and requires no chemicals and very little water to grow unlike trees, making it eco friendly.  In fact, compared to an equivalent tree mass, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and research has shown that bamboo can absorb as much as 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year - making it one of the most powerful resources of carbon sequestration.


When bamboo is harvested, it will continue to grow new shoots from its root system. There is no additional planting or cultivation required.  Every part of the plant can be utilised in one way or another with zero waste. After the bamboo material has reached it's life span, it can be recycled.

Bamboo, reaches full maturity within 3 years of planting compared to trees which on average can take between 15-40 years to be considered mature.


A relatively new resource in many countries used to produce sustainable products such as clothing, bedding, toothbrushes to name a few, Bamboo has actually been used across Asia for centuries as a critical resource for building materials, which is why it also known as "Green Steel”.  Bamboo is extremely strong; even stronger than steel.  The tensile strength of steel is 23,000 PSI, while the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 PSI.


Bamboo has been used for centuries across Asia as scaffolding rather than steel, due to its lightness, strength and environmental benefits.  Today, Bamboo is being used to reinforce roads and bridges, furniture, rugs and textiles.  In fact it is estimated that over 1 Billion people in the world now live in Bamboo Houses due to the Bamboo’s environmental impact, carbon sequestration, anti-bacterial properties and strength.


Because we are passionate about the planet we choose Bamboo to ensure that we tread lightly on the planet, light weight, good for the environment, strong and they allow you the freedom to do What You Love Doing.