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Wyld Arch are all about What You Love Doing, While treading lightly on the planet. Our Bamboo Bikes tell a special story with each and every frame creating significant impact on people and the planet.  Because we believe that we all have a role to play to ensure the best of tomorrows.

Wyld Arch is building a global community of people united by a shared commitment to creating a sustainable future for all people and the planet.

At Wyld Arch, we challenge the status quo, creating freedom and community through our determination to Tread Lightly. To do this we have built new operating models the Wyld Way – creating positive impact in every step of our supply chain.

With a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), driving to end poverty in all its forms by 2030, Wyld Arch has sought to create a culture of sustainable practice via push bikes and simultaneously create a brand value in line with the modern mind set, not only of sustainable living but one of being a responsible global citizen. 

A Wyld Arch Bamboo Bike begins its journey in Ghana, where each frame is hand crafted through our partners, the Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative (GBBI). GBBI empower the local community by generating employment, training and opportunity, with a focus on women in the workplace, providing them an opportunity to take themselves out of the cycle of poverty & inequality into which they are born.

The bamboo is naturally sourced from growing local bamboo in Ghana. For every bamboo plant harvested, 10 more are sewn, not for re-harvesting purposes but to stop the erosion of fertile land – destroying food crops and a critical income source.

GBBI also donate bikes back to children all over Ghana, giving the children of Ghana the opportunity to attend school more easily and gain an education which is the basic right of all children. 

The bike then makes its way to Australia where we are working to empower young Australians through project based mentorship programs, employment and apprenticeships to assemble the bikes, build components and make our Bamboo Bikes ready for you to have the ride of your life.

We believe that everyone deserves to do What You Love Doing everyday but should do so by treading lightly on the planet.