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Step-through Bike

The Luca,
Step-through Bike

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The Luca,
Step-through Bike

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Wrapped in vegetable epoxy The Luca is the perfect ride for those passionate about a sustainable lifestyle and who care for the planet.
Bamboo bikes are more efficient than steel and titanium bikes because the frame flexes less so there is less energy loss as you pedal. The lightweight bamboo frames also make them efficient. It takes less energy to accelerate and maintain speed with a lightweight frame.

Our Luca frame comes in two sizes:
Product Details:
Sustainably & ethically sourced bamboo frame
Coated in sustainable vegetable epoxy
Each frame in handcrafted
Saddle & Grip Options:
Tan or black handmade saddle & grips
9 Speed:   Microshift Advent 
10 Speed: Microshift Advent X
11 Speed:  Microshift XLE
Hydraulic 2 piston disc brakes 

All frames come fitted with full reflector set and bell
Basket not included, purchased separately 
As all of our frames are handmade shipping estimates are 12 weeks from date of order
Australian taxes included shipping calculated at check out